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Charming Corgipractor

Introducing Waffles, the charming Corgipractor. With his adorable fluffy coat and endearing smile, Waffles brings an extra dose of happiness and comfort to our practice. As Dr. Katherine‘s loyal sidekick, Waffles is always by her side, offering unwavering support and spreading cheer to everyone he meets. Whether he’s charming patients with his playful antics or simply lounging by Aly’s desk, Waffles embodies the spirit of wellness and positivity that defines our clinic. When he’s not busy assisting Dr. Katherine, you can find Waffles enjoying leisurely hikes, playing with his favorite toys, or indulging in tasty treats. Be sure to say hello to Waffles during your visit – his infectious enthusiasm is sure to make your day brighter!


Waffles | (763) 710-8888