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Clinic Companion

Meet Bubba, the lovable pug and cherished companion of our clinic manager, Aly, here at Fit Family Chiropractic! With his adorable squishy face and wagging curly tail, Bubba brings an abundance of joy and warmth to our practice. As Aly’s faithful sidekick, Bubba takes his role seriously, greeting patients with his trademark enthusiasm and spreading smiles wherever he goes. Whether he’s snuggled up under Aly’s desk or making rounds to brighten everyone’s day, Bubba is an integral part of our close-knit team. When he’s not charming visitors with his affectionate nature, you can find Bubba enjoying fetch with his favorite toys, snoozing in sunny spots, or eagerly awaiting his next snack. Make sure to stop by and say hello to Bubba during your visit – his cheerful presence is sure to leave a lasting impression!


Bubba | (763) 710-8888